miércoles, junio 28, 2006

Lista de todos los Digg que hay... o casi todos!

3spots: All the digg-style applications: The list !!!

Una buena lista para estar al dia de informaci�n, Noticias Dot decia que la blogosfera estaba muerta,.. es mester ver el despiste ue tienen algunos.


Estos son todos los que tienen las mismas basicas caracteristicas: a�adir, commentar votar o evaluar.
  1. 180� news: digg-style for news with inpage expand/collapse details.
  2. : digg-style with publishing and thumshots(with a update thumbshot button) exists also in many languages. (see below) [Engine: Akarru]
  3. Bits of News: for news with images and scores.
  4. Care2 News Network: digg-stye about the environment, human rights, animal welfare... It's an extension to the Care2 community website. (Thanks to Michael L.)
  5. camraoke: NEW For for YouTube videos with webcam-karaoke content. To come in a few days.(maybe pligg) [+24/05/06]
  6. CC Hits: NEW for creative common music. A Ning application with comments, voting, music player and more.[info][+31/05/06]
  7. CommonTimes: for news and more [info]
  8. Curious Contraptions Community: A forum.
  9. Daily RSS: digg-style rss news and rating.
  10. : For nice designed websites with rating, where each website also shows a thumbshot and it's color sheme.
  11. Dissect Medicine: NEW for medical news. +[22/05/06]
  12. : THE DIGG, news with categories.
  13. Diggers: by grou.ps, a wiki based digg with thumbshots and Ajax. Let's you synchonize with del.icio.us, digg or reddit.
  14. Diggnews: digg-style for news. [maybe Pligg]
  15. Diggol: NEW For feeds [info]+[16/06/06]
  16. dzone: NEW for developers resource. With small thumbshots and bigger ones when hovering. +[10/06/06]
  17. eatmyhamster: Funny News, Stories and Videos [Blog]+[18/05/06]
  18. Fantacular: Text-based digg-style for news...for those who think digg sucks?
  19. gibbity: digg-style, rate and review games.
  20. idigporn: for adult content.
  21. iTalkNews: Submit, write, rate, comment, add related news and get paid.
  22. : digg-style fors news. What's up? it redirects to RetroNintendo now.
  23. digg-style with rating, has a Firefox toolbar and sidebar.
  24. LinkSnarf: digg-style for links.
  25. livelocker: for videos, music, and photos
  26. : digg-style for funny and useful links.
  27. : Text-based digg-style for articles with no categories. Find alike Users. Option for iframe browsing, user filter...
  28. MetaFilter Projects: digg-style for self-linking projects.
  29. :(Millions of games) digg-style for games with an 'e-mail this' and a 'play this' button.
  30. motorpulse: For cars made using Ruby on Rails and Ajax.
  31. muti: digg-style/reddit for content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa.
  32. Netscape.com: NEW Now shows digg-style social news using categories and tags...+[15/06/06]
  33. NewsBump.net and NewsBump.co.uk: digg-style for News with categories.
  34. : digg-style community for news with tags and the possibility to create your own columns(write).
  35. newsgarbage: digg-style for technology news.
  36. : digg-style for news.
  37. NooZ: NEW For MySpace members and MySpace add-on widgets. +[19/05/06]
  38. oKs!: digg-style for anything.
  39. PlueBalls: digg-style for movies.
  40. PodcastAlley: for funny podcats. Interface is a bit different but has all the features.
  41. Questionville: for voting the answers, not the questions. Has live search and sub-categories, does not support links.
  42. : digg-style with Karma points, exists in 23 laguages. sub-reddits have their own domain URL and can all be viewed on all.reddit, Not Safe For Work (Adult content.) is a sub-reddits. Lipstick seems to be a new one.
  43. digg-style rating for links, music, videos, people, places, food... with photos.
  44. Rrove(BETA): Lets you bookmark places on Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, MapQuest or MSN Maps.
  45. Scooop.net: digg-style special news where the most popular link submitter can get paid.
  46. : digg-style rating for news stories. Uses iframe browsing. Their LinkRolls show vote buttons.
  47. ShutterSeek: digg-style for photographers.
  48. SkimCSS: digg-style for CSS related. (maybe Pligg)
  49. : digg-style rating for slackers and productivity geeks.
  50. Spankwire: NEW like shoutwire for adult content. [via] +[22/05/06]
  51. : digg-style for 'digital news' with Categories(Channels), Voting, Themes, Karma points.
  52. : digg-style for any link.
  53. SportsBlink: NEW for sports. (thanks to comment) +[22/05/06]
  54. Strikr: NEW for soccer [maybe Pligg]+[19/06/06]
  55. thenorp: For adult content. It's classic view is digg-style.(Thanks to this list from an annoymous comment.)
  56. : digg-style for links.
  57. Tendango: digg-style with community collections/listing and tagging.
  58. Upwarded: For funny videos, images, games & silliness with an Widget for blogs. By Philipp Lenssen.
  59. Video Bomb: digg-style for videos.
  60. digg-style rating for links and videos.
  61. YouPickTheNews: for news with a 'in-page floating div' systeme for rating, without comments but with email notification.
The 'Lots of kicks' series, where you can earn with your Google Adsense ID.:
  1. dotnetkicks: digg-style for Microsoft development techniques, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++...
  2. GoogleKicks: for Google related news.
  3. kick.ie: Irish News.
  4. javakicks.com: digg-style for Java related.
  5. mackicks: digg-style for Mac related.
  6. mozillakicks.com: digg-style for Mozilla news.
  7. XboxKicks: digg-style for Xbox related.

? UP

or Men�ame Clones

Esto nos da una idea de la gran importancia de Meneame... punto de referencia de un Digg mejorado.

, originally named Men�ame in Spanish, is a free CMS with tags, plugins, templates, icons, vote buttons, language customization and advanced user profiles with gravatars, podcast support...and much more. (Category added thanks to Damian)
  1. AdultSharing: digg-style for Adult content.
  2. All Things Dork: fans, colections
  3. answer.net: leisure
  4. APBNews: crime news.
  5. arm the mob: social, movements
  6. BARKS=BookmARKS: NEW for news. +[19/05/06]
  7. : for video, games and funny stuff.
  8. Bitch About Tech Dot Com:NEW for bitching about tech.
  9. binarylaw.com: legal, technology
  10. : blogs.
  11. : Spanish, also exists in French, Portugesee, Japanese and English(see above).
  12. BrainDigg / published news: brain-related topics.
  13. bridesinwhite.com: brides, weddings. (was broken)
  14. Bringr: for women's intrests. (Thanks to Davak)
  15. business-planet.net: news
  16. bythemasses.com: New York
  17. Clicktator.com: for links, ideas or news.
  18. crankk: for Cycling News (previously cycleabout.com)
  19. Cruisinaltitude Aviation News: for aviation-related news story.
  20. daily911.info: 9/11 2.0.
  21. DealDB.com: for customers and store owners to submit coupon codes.
  22. DealSpy: for deals
  23. DigStock: for stocks, stock exchange.
  24. Erotigg.com: for Adult content. (also in Spanish)
  25. n.ewradio: alternative music news.
  26. Fat Pitch News: for finance, invesment
  27. Flogz: finance, invesment
  28. freethoughtfilter: for non-believers. (by and thanks to Tom Morris)
  29. Fleshh: for erotic related.
  30. fuddle-duddle: for Canadian political news.
  31. GeekCoffee: for Technology.
  32. Hitsmit: health.
  33. hollywoodlowdown.com: show biss, movies. (was broken)
  34. Homefinanceplanet: finance
  35. Hugg(BETA): For green news (Thanks to elsa)
  36. Inbox News: for news.
  37. Inbreaking(BETA): for links.
  38. indianpad.com: for India news.
  39. Indiefox:NEW For Art Work +[16/06/06]
  40. iseenews.com: for news.
  41. KaBlogs: for blogging related stories.
  42. LinuxFilter: for Linux related.
  43. Marketpicks: finance
  44. Medical Articles and News: ... Medical Articles and News.
  45. Meedio Idea: for Meedio.
  46. mootion.com: for video related, colaborative Internet-Video programming guide.
  47. mp3-o-rama: news and resources related to mp3.
  48. musicthump.com: music, DJs
  49. Nabaza.info: for news
  50. nastygrrl: for aldult content (Thanks to mattr)
  51. Network Strike: security
  52. nfiltrate: promoting your band, clothing company, etc..
  53. newvoyagenews.com: travels
  54. Plue Balls: for comedy, viral videos, animations, funny news and the general weirdness of the Internet.
  55. ParrotAddict: parrots
  56. PhetchIt: general.
  57. pligg.com: general -First translation of Men�ame.net from Spanish to english.
  58. Podolicious: podcasts
  59. Polidiggs: digg-style for politics.
  60. Prube: videos, images & games
  61. Qoosa.com open source content management system, social bookmarks and digg-style rating.
  62. scadart.com: general
  63. Shakk.Us: for Entertainment.
  64. Search Engin Epress: for search engins, seo, internet..,
  65. smarkwire: for pro wrestling but does not have voting.
  66. Seven Surfers: deals, bussiness
  67. Snarf It.org: torrent indexer
  68. : adult content.
  69. Sportschalk: sports
  70. SportsCast : for sports.
  71. SportsFlip: for sports.
  72. SpyMy: for the South East Asia region.
  73. Staralicious: celebrity news.
  74. The Lit List: for fiction stories.
  75. The plug: NEW for media types. +[20/06/06]
  76. ToxicCyberDust: games.
  77. Trade Rock Community: for trading and sharing music news.
  78. Tri Hound: NEW for triathlon news. +[18/06/06]
  79. Tutorialism: for tutorials
  80. Tutorialization: for tutorials
  81. uinform: NEW For all kinds of news. +[18/06/06]
  82. : The Best of Google Video and YouTube.
  83. Virtual Homeschool Group: for homeschoolers.
  84. Wobblog: for blogs with Haloscan support.
  85. Yankidank: general
  86. Zeropaid: for Bittorrent and p2p.

? UP

Other Languages:

  1. .N T.P.Y.: Turkish digg-style for Videos.
  2. @News: Japanese digg-style for news.
  3. 17dig.com: Chinese digg-style.
  4. Bagook: NEW German [via] +[18/06/06]
  5. cndigg.com: NEW Chineses digg, same style interface has trackback.
  6. CSSlook: Korean, Public bookmarking, nice designe for nice designes.
  7. diglog: Chinese digg-style.
  8. dingr: Chinese digg-style.
  9. Douban: Chinese, for books, music and videos. [via]
  10. Ec Navi: Japanese digg-style for news.
  11. eu curti: Brzilian digg-style.
  12. Fresqui(Alpha): Spanish digg-style for technology.
  13. : French, digg-style for news.
  14. Gwar: Polish digg-style.
  15. newhots: Chinese digg-style.
  16. ihardware: Spanish digg-stlye for technology and hardware.
  17. Krtica: NEW Croatian digg-style
  18. Linkter: Hugarian digg-style.
  19. Mywowo: Chinese digg-stlye.
  20. newhots: Chinese digg-style.
  21. news2.ru: Russian digg-style for news, uses hierachical categories.
  22. NUOUZ: French digg-style for news.
  23. OhMyNews: Korean slashdot-style news
  24. OKNotizie: NEW Italian for news using Ajax. Blog button code here. [+04/06/06]
  25. Oui-News.com: Chinese digg-style.
  26. Populicias.com: Spanish digg-style.
  27. que pasa ?: Digg-style for local news with podcast support. French.
  28. Reddit: For bg, ca (Spanish catalan), de, eo(Esperanto), eu, es, fr, hu, hy, id, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sv, tr, vi and zh!
  29. Scoopeo: French digg-style where you can win prizes.
  30. Tag River: Chinese digg-style.
  31. wapher: Arabe digg-style for news.
  32. : German digg-clone formerly called digg.de
  33. vottie: NEW Chinese digg-style aggregator for videos. [via] [+19/06/06]

? UP

Pligg, Other Languages:

  1. acel�rame: motor, Spanish
  2. AllActu.com: general, French
  3. Astroadictos: astronomy, Spanish
  4. chuza.org: general, Galician
  5. Noticias.deperros: gods, Spanish
  6. diggba: Chinese
  7. Digg.lv: Latvia (thank you hellijs)
  8. DoMelhor: Portugesee digg-style for news.
  9. DjSessions: for DJ, music related stories.
  10. Erotigg.com: sex, Spanish (also in English)
  11. eucurti.com.br: general, Portugesee
  12. noticias.fotoadictos.com: photography, Spanish
  13. iFaX!an: Chinese, uses Categories, tags and big thumshots. Nice.
  14. ihardware: Spanish digg-stlye for technology and hardware.
  15. InterNetMedia.hu: general, Hungarian
  16. joomla.com.es: Joomla, CMS, Spanish
  17. Noticias.Kesar.org: general, Spanish
  18. linkk.com.br: general, Portugese
  19. linku.com.ar: general, Spanish
  20. livedigg: Chinese diggstyle for news.[via]
  21. Medigg: Chinese digg.
  22. MEN�AME: Spanish, the original, for blogs.
  23. menearailes.com: RubyonRails, Spanish
  24. mingaco.com: general, Spanish
  25. miopinion.com: general, Spanish
  26. mipcdebolsillo: news, Spanish
  27. mumor: Spanish: humor.
  28. neodiario.net: tecnolog�a, Spanish
  29. Open Source: OpenSource, Japanese
  30. Ouvi Dizer: general, Portugesee
  31. paeva.net: general, Estonian
  32. dev.polidiggs.com: Spanish
  33. Rauru-block.org: technology, Japanese
  34. Horno Recetaria: Spanish, cooking, recipies.
  35. rockeame: Spanish, for promoting blogs.
  36. Shaveh.co.il: general, Hebrew.
  37. TapeMoi!: French digg-style for news.
  38. T�niti: Spanish, for comics, manga.
  39. Tuteame: general, Spanish
  40. TV adictos: Spanish, for television.
  41. Viadescape: journalism, Spanish
  42. Votala: general, Spanish
  43. ygriega.net: Spanish, for leisure.
  44. Zabaldu: Basque, general.
  45. Zumbalo: Spanish, for rap, reggae.

? UP


These also have sumbit and comments but have different voting systemes.
  1. CrispyNews: Allows people to start their own digg, and share revenue. See example
  2. : Is a community with rating for bookmarks and digg-style voting for comments.
  3. Riffs: Social fun voting for links, news, people, music, movies, sports...anything with thumbshots, images or favicons. Using a wiki based engine and Ajax features.
  4. PodcastBrowser: is a private pligg.
Public bookmarks can resemble digg but are not:
  1. politicalstuff.com: Politics. Pligg, not active any more.
  2. www.shiiiny.com: Buffy/Angel. Pligg, does not seem active.
  3. iTunesLove.com: music. Pligg, does not seem active.
  4. athiphop.com: music, hip-hop. Pligg, does not seem active.
  5. Funzai: Entetainment. Not pligg, does not seem active.

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